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Supersonic's SuperSpring competition offers rewards to developers of games

Supersonic, a developer specializing in hyper-casual games, has announced the launch of its SuperSpring contest tailored for puzzle, simulation, and runner games. The competition offers developers the chance to win prizes at various stages of game development.

Prizes for the contest include $300 for each prototype tested, with a minimum guarantee of $200,000 for all games published as a result of the contest. Additionally, developers have the option to receive up to $20,000 for testing a marketable prototype and exiting the publishing process, or up to $5,000 monthly to continue developing their game with Supersonic.

Game submissions are now open, starting from April 15th, with a submission deadline set for May 27th. Developers can submit concepts for both hyper-casual and long LTV games.

To enhance the contest, Supersonic is introducing Retention Plugins aimed at expediting game development, increasing player engagement, improving retention rates, and creating more monetization opportunities.

Developers are encouraged to submit puzzle, simulation, and runner games originally developed for web platforms or Steam, with the intention of adapting them into mobile games.

Danielle Cohen, Supersonic's senior director of gaming, emphasizes the company's dedication to promoting the success of game developers at every stage. Cohen highlights the unique features of the contest and the development of Retention Plugins to streamline the game-building process and enhance user engagement.

Source: adapted from an article by Isa Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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