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Surpassing the $600 million revenue mark, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE solidifies Tencent's standing as the foremost mobile publisher

According to a recent Sensor Tower report, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE has exceeded $600 million in player spending since its launch on November 4, 2022, until November 10, 2023. The majority of this revenue (60%) originated from Japan, followed by the US (16%), and South Korea (12%), collectively contributing to nearly 90% of the game's overall lifetime revenue.

The game's success in Japan can be attributed to its gacha-based monetization system, securing the fifth position in mobile revenue in the country and standing out as the sole title from a foreign publisher in the top 5, dominated by local hits like Monster Strike, Uma Musume Pretty Derby, and Fate/Grand Order.

Analyzing NIKKE's top markets, Japan boasts the highest Monthly Active Users (MAU) and the most significant share of organic downloads (67.7%), while South Korea leads in the share of ad installs (31.7%). In the US, the game resonates particularly well with players under 25, constituting 43.5% of the total audience.

Although Sensor Tower didn't disclose NIKKE's download numbers, AppMagic data estimates it at 11.2 million, with Japan contributing 30% of total installs, followed by the US (15%), and South Korea (11%).

Developed by South Korean studio Shift Up, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is a pivotal title in Tencent's publishing portfolio. Tencent acknowledged it as a key driver in the International Games segment's 7% revenue growth in the third quarter of 2023. Following its successful launch, Tencent increased its stake in Shift Up to over 24%, solidifying its position as the leading global mobile publisher. NIKKE now ranks as the third highest-grossing title in Tencent's catalog, trailing only PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings. This achievement underscores Tencent's strategic investments and NIKKE's remarkable ascent in the mobile gaming industry.

Source: adapted from an article by Evgeny Obedkov, Author for Game World Observer.

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