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TapNation, Based in Paris, Secures €15 Million in Funding to Enhance Mobile Game Publishing

In a groundbreaking move, Paris-based mobile gaming powerhouse TapNation announced a triumph with a recent €15 million funding injection. Since its inception in 2019, TapNation has been a trailblazer, collaborating with over 100 studios to usher high-potential game concepts into the limelight.

With a platform boasting capabilities in game testing, player behavior analysis, and pinpointing the most promising gameplay, TapNation has soared to a staggering billion downloads across various app stores. This success story recently expanded with the introduction of TN Labs, a specialized game development studio exploring hybrid genres, showcasing TapNation's commitment to innovation.

The financial milestone doesn't stop there – TapNation reveled in a remarkable €45 million revenue in 2022, securing its third consecutive year of profitability. Hervé Montoute, the co-founder and leader, expressed gratitude for the €15 million funding, marking a pivotal moment for the company. This injection of faith from investors, including Re-Sources Capital and Paluel-Marmont Capital, propels TapNation into a new era of exploration in the mobile gaming industry.

Hervé Montoute, co-founder and leader of Tap Nation, remarked, “This investment is proof of the faith our partners have in our vision and our ability to innovate. It will enable us to go even further, explore new territories in the mobile gaming industry, and continue to offer exceptional experiences to our players.”

As TapNation embarks on this exciting journey, fueled by the support of investors, including key players like Re-Sources Capital, Paluel-Marmont Capital, and select banking partners. The gaming world eagerly anticipates the diversification of TapNations portfolio and an even more vibrant growth strategy. Get ready for a revolution in mobile gaming!

Source: adapted from an article by Cate Lawrence, Writer for

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