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Tenjin's latest report: Transitioning from Hyper to Hybrid in 2024

Mobile marketing analytics provider Tenjin has recently released a comprehensive industry report titled “From Hyper to Hybrid in 2024,” offering a detailed exploration of the dynamic shifts occurring in the mobile game industry. Focused on hyper-casual and hybrid-casual games, the report provides valuable insights into user acquisition patterns and business models within these genres.

The transition from hyper to hybrid represents a significant evolution in the mobile gaming landscape. This evolution involves developers combining the simplicity characteristic of hyper-casual games with the more engaging mechanics typically found in casual games. A pivotal aspect of this shift lies in the monetization strategy, where the hybrid model integrates both in-app purchases (IAP) and in-app advertising (IAA), creating a diversified and potentially lucrative revenue stream.

Key highlights from the report include:

• Android’s Growing Ad Spend Share: The report notes a continued increase in ad spend share on the Android platform, while iOS reaches a record-high average Cost Per Install (CPI).

• Japan’s Significance Despite High CPI: Despite Japan’s high CPI, the country remains a crucial market for advertisers on iOS.

• U.S. Dominance in Ad Spend Share: The United States maintains its dominant position in terms of ad spend share on both Android and iOS platforms.

• Ad Network Competition: Applovin, Mintegral, and Google Ads are identified as key players engaged in a competitive battle for the top positions in various ad network rankings.

Roman Garbar, Marketing Director at Tenjin, shared insights from the findings, highlighting the persistence of the hyper-casual business model with substantial changes. The report underscores a notable shift where smaller developers opt for self-publishing on Android, evident in the lower Cost Per Install (CPI) and increased ad spend share on the platform. Conversely, major players in the hyper-casual market are embracing the hybrid-casual approach, aligning with industry trends and leveraging extensive resources and data for their gaming strategies.

As the mobile gaming landscape continues to evolve, Tenjin’s report offers valuable observations and trends shaping the industry, providing developers and advertisers with strategic insights to navigate this dynamic and competitive space.

Source: adapted from an article by Baytan Uğur Yem, Author for Mobidictum.

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