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The collaboration between Supersocial and Universal Music Group results in the launch of Beat Galaxy on the Roblox platform

UMG, a global music entertainment leader, and Supersocial, a virtual world creator, have jointly unveiled Beat Galaxy, a novel music destination on Roblox, the immersive platform for social experiences.

Expanding on the success of prior activations by UMG artists and labels on Roblox, Beat Galaxy emerges as a cutting-edge social experience centered around music discovery. It offers a fully interactive social space where both fans and newcomers can gather, explore, and share their favorite artists and music. From towering amplifiers to a 24/7 virtual club and artist takeovers, every facet of this immersive space is designed to foster discovery.

Beat Galaxy stands as a hub on Roblox showcasing various UMG labels and artists, commencing with YUNGBLUD, the multi-talented artist from Interscope Records. Each label occupies its designated space in the hub, featuring exclusive content from their artists, including custom music tracks, themed worlds, and rare virtual items such as clothing and accessories for avatars.

Michael Nash, Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice-President of Universal Music Group, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We’re excited to partner with Roblox and Supersocial on Beat Galaxy, which aspires to take the experience of music in the metaverse to the next level in terms of scope, creativity and commercial opportunity."

Alvaro G. Velilla, Senior Vice President of New Business at UMG, highlighted the innovative nature of Beat Galaxy, stating, "Beat Galaxy represents a dynamic step forward in entertainment innovation, allowing us to change the way that music fans, artists, and labels interact with one another."

Beyond being a music game and discovery platform, Beat Galaxy will host live shows and pop-up shops based on real-world events. Users can explore other UMG worlds and experiences on Roblox through portals within the game, creating a connected UMG galaxy.

In summary, Beat Galaxy isn't just a musical escape but a groundbreaking space that redefines the interaction between music enthusiasts, artists, and labels, shaping the future of music discovery in the metaverse.

Source: adapted from an article by Kürşat Zaman, Writer for Mobidictum.

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