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The developer behind Pokémon has launched its first mobile-exclusive title, a new IP called Pand Land

Game Freak has launched Pand Land, a mobile-exclusive "maritime adventure RPG" in Japan. This marks a departure from their usual Pokémon games on Nintendo consoles. Developed in collaboration with WonderPlanet, known for titles like Jumputi Heroes and Sonic Beat feat. Crash Fever, Pand Land allows players to embark on a seafaring quest with up to 400 friends in search of treasure.

Unlike Game Freak's console-focused Pokémon games, Pand Land is designed to be a console-like experience tailored for mobile devices. Released on Android and iOS on June 24th, the game aims to offer depth while being accessible and easy to play. The collaboration with WonderPlanet, which has expertise in mobile gaming, helped Game Freak navigate the challenges of adapting its console game vision to mobile platforms.

Despite occasional disagreements during development, the partnership successfully balanced the game's complexity and accessibility. Game Freak's Masashi Saito expressed hope that players will enjoy Pand Land's adventurous spirit and share their experiences with friends. WonderPlanet's Masaaki Sumi reflected on the challenge of integrating Pand Land's concept into a mobile game but praised the collaboration's outcome in achieving both companies' goals for the game's design and appeal.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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