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The Reasons Behind Supercell's Overhaul of Its Creator Program

Despite the risks associated with seeking public opinion on their game, Supercell has boldly expanded its creator program. Recent adjustments to the collaboration with YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok influencers include more accessible entry thresholds. Led by Supercell's Rick Crane, the program equips influencers with asset kits, advice, and resources to enhance their online presence, with potential financial support as they grow.

These player-creators enjoy early glimpses of upcoming features, complimentary in-game currency, and some even join Supercell's Discord and Slack groups to directly engage with game developers. This approach enables the Finnish company to gather valuable feedback from dedicated players, acknowledging that the majority of their audience consists of hardcore fans.

Crane emphasizes Supercell's openness to honest feedback, even if negative, from creators who aren't tied to exclusive deals, as these could compromise unbiased opinions. The company's reluctance to enforce exclusivity has contributed to a surge in sign-ups, with an 800% increase since announcing the new policies.

In a dynamic creator landscape, TikTok is poised to surpass older platforms like YouTube and Twitch in terms of user numbers. Crane notes that Supercell is already collaborating with TikTok's prominent livestreamer, JuicyJ, emphasizing the constant evolution of their creator program. Despite its humble origins, Crane expresses satisfaction with the program's current state and hints at further announcements in 2024.

Source: adapted from an article by Neil Long, Founder and Editor for

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