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The Subway Surfers character crafting competition results in the inclusion of the winning design into the game for its 12th anniversary

In celebration of Subway Surfers approaching its 12th anniversary, Sybo's Craft-a-Character competition is making a comeback. Known for its enduring popularity, Subway Surfers stands as one of the most successful mobile games to date. The game appeals to players interested in street culture, incorporating augmented reality (AR) elements that blend fantasy and reality, allowing players to overlay characters onto real landscapes.

While Jake remains the iconic face of Subway Surfers, the Craft-a-Character competition invites fans worldwide to contribute a new character design. The winning design will join the diverse cast of characters, with submissions accepted on Instagram under the theme "Gaming Geeks" until January 29.

The victorious design will be showcased to Subway Surfers' extensive player base of up to 150 million monthly users and integrated into the game in May, coinciding with its 12th anniversary on the 24th.

Philip Hickey, Sybo's Chief Marketing Officer, expressed the excitement of providing the game's vast community with the opportunity to engage with a character crafted by one of their own. He mentioned plans for additional Craft-a-Character competitions throughout 2024, featuring "fresh themes" for fans to explore, promising a variety of new characters throughout the year.

Reflecting on a past competition during Subway Surfer's 10th anniversary in 2022, which introduced the character Fernando, Hickey emphasized the community's enthusiasm for these events. Notable fan-made characters already in the game include Tankbot, Koral, Bob the Blob, and Spraybot.

In a philanthropic move last summer, Sybo collaborated with the impact platform Milkywire to channel donations toward environmental projects. As Subway Surfers continues its journey into its twelfth year, the Craft-a-Character competition stands as a testament to the game's enduring engagement and community involvement.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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