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Tilting Point, Hilfiger Ventures, and Brandible are gearing up for the release of an AI-powered fashion game

In collaboration, Tilting Point and Hilfiger Ventures are set to unveil a novel interactive fashion game named FashionVerse. The game, conceived by American fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger, is scheduled for release in January and will be accessible on Netflix for both iOS and Android platforms. Developed by Brandible, the project has received investment from Hilfiger Ventures, embodying the fashion designer's ambition to revolutionize the fashion realm through community-driven gaming and advanced technology.

FashionVerse will immerse players in design challenges, encouraging them to craft impeccable fashion sets, mood boards, and more. Users can share their creations with the community, where they will be subject to voting, offering rewards and unlocking new clothing styles. The game will utilize AI technology to explore the latest fashion trends, referencing real-world brands. Brandible integrates AI models to provide players with photorealistic avatars adorned with lifelike props.

Post-launch, the promotional strategy includes fortnight-long virtual "pop-ups" featuring major fashion, entertainment, art, and beauty brands. Additionally, exclusive tracks from renowned musicians will be revealed. Tilting Point's founder and CEO, Kevin Segalla, expressed the significance of addressing the underserved audience of fashion fans in the gaming space. Tommy Hilfiger emphasized his long-standing goal to make fashion more accessible, envisioning FashionVerse as a pioneering venture at the intersection of fashion and gaming.

This collaboration mirrors other instances of synergy between the fashion and gaming industries, such as H&M's game release within Roblox, enabling players to create virtual wardrobes and experiment with materials and patterns.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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