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Unity's Anna Popereko, the game design consultant, on rewarded video tips for meta match-3 games

Meta match-3 games, such as Gardenscapes and Matchington Mansion, add additional layers of gameplay, like renovations and quests, to the traditional match-3 mechanic. These meta layers have become as appealing as the core puzzle aspect, making the genre more diverse and attractive to a wider audience. Players are motivated to accumulate currency and complete meta missions, such as building a farm or designing a house.

To support players in completing tasks, integrating rewarded videos into the game can be beneficial. Rewarded videos offer incentives such as currency, unlocking in-game content, help with progression, or bonus levels. When implemented smartly, rewarded videos can increase session length, retention rates, and average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU).

To optimize the placement of rewarded videos, game design consultant Anna Popereko shares the following tips specifically for meta match-3 games:

  1. Offer extra currency on the home screen: Clearly display the rewarded video button, possibly in a different color or section, and communicate the exact rewards to attract users and increase usage rates.

  2. Multiply end-of-level rewards: Tap into the positive feeling of winning by allowing players to double or triple their rewards, such as in-game currency, without affecting the game's economy.

  3. Help players pass levels: Place a rewarded video option when players fail to pass a level within the provided moves, offering them extra moves or other engaging mechanisms to encourage interaction with the ad.

  4. Give an extra life: When players run out of lives, they can watch a rewarded video in exchange for a free life, providing them with another chance to win the level. Utilize end-of-level placements or countdowns for life replenishment to incentivize players.

  5. Jumpstart a level with a reward: Place a rewarded video at the start of a level to show the upcoming goal, enticing players to interact with the video and help them complete the challenge. Common rewards include power-ups or additional moves.

  6. Unlock a chest box: Chest boxes can offer various rewards and be placed based on achievements, time intervals, or player progress. Alternatively, users can unlock a chest box immediately by watching a rewarded video on the home screen for maximum engagement.

  7. Present multiple videos consecutively: Encourage players to watch multiple rewarded videos in a row by offering increasingly attractive rewards, potentially with a bonus reward at the end. Clearly indicate the option for multiple videos and the reward structure.

  8. Amplify the daily bonus: Use rewarded videos to multiply the rewards in daily bonuses or unlock additional daily rewards, encouraging players to return regularly for more rewards.

  9. Give an in-level boost: Similar to adding more moves, place rewarded videos within the game's levels to provide in-level bonuses. This flexibility increases playing time and offers more opportunities for monetization.

When implementing these rewarded video placements, it's crucial to conduct A/B testing, draw inspiration from other genres, and stay updated on engagement and usage rate benchmarks in the meta match-3 game genre.

Source: Pocket Gamer News

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