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Unity and Roku team up to extend user acquisition campaigns to the big screen

Unity has formed a groundbreaking partnership with Roku, allowing app makers to advertise seamlessly on Roku's TV service via Unity. This collaboration introduces Roku as a User Acquisition (UA) channel, enabling users to interact with ads and download apps to their mobile devices directly. With Roku's extensive reach and Unity's popularity among top games, this partnership provides a significant outlet for user acquisition in the competitive market.

The alliance connects Roku's premium TV streaming inventory to Unity's Luna app marketing platform, allowing mobile app marketers to include connected TV in their campaigns. Roku's Action Ads create a smooth experience, letting viewers use their Roku remote to initiate app downloads and then return to their TV streaming.

This partnership comes amid the expected global growth of TV streaming advertising by 13.2% in 2023 to $25.9 billion. Roku's widespread presence in U.S. homes and Unity's role in numerous top games make this collaboration a valuable asset for app marketers.

The streamlined process within the Luna from Unity platform allows app marketers to set up, manage, and optimize campaigns seamlessly. Roku can be selected from a list of marketing channels, emphasizing ease of use.

Miles Fisher, Senior Director at Roku, highlights the potential of TV streaming as a performance channel, leveraging Roku's scale and direct viewer connection. Omer Kaplan, SVP at Unity Grow, sees the partnership as a key move to turn Connected TV into a high-scale performance channel, offering unique value to app marketers. The goal is to position CTV as a successful performance marketing channel, enriching app advertisers' User Acquisition toolkit.

Source: adapted from an article by Daniel

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