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Walmart and Unity collaborate to introduce a fresh in-app purchase API, allowing users to easily acquire appealing in-game outfits

Walmart and Unity have joined forces to introduce a revolutionary real-world purchase API for Unity developers, unlocking authentic shopping and purchase opportunities within games.

Unlike the previous focus on virtual goods in the metaverse, where the challenge was convincing users of the value of digital items, Walmart and Unity’s approach shifts the narrative. This collaboration offers tangible and easily discernible reasons for users to engage, making the in-game shopping experience more concrete.

Developers now have the capability to showcase real-world products available at Walmart within their games and apps. These items are not just part of the virtual landscape; they are clickable, purchasable, and can be delivered to the user’s doorstep. Both the app developer and Walmart receive a share of the transaction, seamlessly integrating commerce into the gaming experience.

The new API streamlines the connection between in-game intent and Walmart’s product inventory, online store, backend, and delivery infrastructure. For developers, the task is to make these in-game items as enticing as possible, paving the way for in-game characters to wear authentic branded clothing, or even for fashion lines to replicate outfits from the virtual world.

The possibilities extend beyond clothing to include phones, home tech, kitchen appliances, decor items, paintings, and more. If it looks appealing in the game, users can envision it enhancing their real-world surroundings.

The beauty of this integration lies in the seamless execution of transactions within the game, eliminating the need to redirect users to a separate marketplace app. Playing and purchasing coexist harmoniously, ensuring the user remains engaged without disrupting the gaming experience.

Tom Kang, Vice President and General Manager of Metaverse Commerce at Walmart, emphasized the opportunity to connect the physical and digital realms uniquely offered by Walmart. Kang stated, “By opening up Walmart’s commerce APIs to the Unity development community, we’re empowering developers to offer a new mechanism to further drive user engagement.”

Unity President Marc Whitten expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting how it paves the way for innovation in commerce within virtual experiences. Whitten stated, “We’re excited to be able to give Unity developers the option of another new revenue stream while keeping players within their games and experiences.” This partnership sets the stage for a transformative intersection of gaming, commerce, and virtual experiences, offering users a seamless way to bring in-game experiences into their everyday lives.

Source: adapted from an article by Daniel Griffiths, Editor for

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