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Warcraft Rumble achieves an impressive nearly $14 million in revenue within its initial two weeks of launch

Warcraft Rumble, the latest release from Blizzard, has emerged as a financial powerhouse, generating an impressive $13.9 million in gross revenue globally on the App Store and Google Play within its initial two weeks of launch, as reported by AppMagic data.

This substantial figure positions the title in close proximity to averaging an impressive $1 million per day in revenue since its worldwide release on November 3. The United States stands out as the most lucrative market for Warcraft Rumble, contributing $6.2 million, constituting 44.6% of the total revenue. Germany secured the second spot with 9.8%, while South Korea claimed the third position with 6.6%.

In terms of downloads, Warcraft Rumble notched up three million installs worldwide in the first 14 days post-launch. The United States once again led the way with 740,000 downloads, representing 24.5% of all installs. France and Germany secured the second and third positions with 7.4% and 7.3%, respectively.

Analyzing revenue distribution, Apple's App Store dominated with 54.6% of player spending, while Google Play accounted for 45.5%. Regarding downloads, Google Play took the lead with 60.2%, while Apple's App Store claimed 39.8%.

It's noteworthy that Warcraft Rumble underwent a soft launch in select countries from August 2023, contributing to its total achievement of $15.5 million in player spending and 3.6 million downloads globally as of November 16. recently engaged in a conversation with Warcraft Rumble's senior animator Carin Huurnink and senior game designer Brendan Farrell, delving into the creative process behind this successful game. The title's robust performance underscores its solid start and widespread appeal among global players.

Source: adapted from an article by Craig Chapple, Head of Content for

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