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Winners for the App Growth Awards have been revealed

In a momentous occasion, the 7th annual App Growth Awards concluded last week, bringing together an impressive array of over 250 entries from across the globe. This highly anticipated competition spanned 16 diverse categories, showcasing the industry's best and brightest innovations.

All entries underwent rigorous evaluation by a distinguished panel of judges, including experts from renowned organizations such as GSMA, Omdia, CCS Insight, and IBM. This independent assessment ensured that only the most exceptional contenders would emerge victorious in their respective categories.

The winners of the App Growth Awards represent a pinnacle of excellence in the mobile app industry. Notably, Gamelight secured the coveted title of the App Advertising Platform, demonstrating exemplary achievements in this competitive field.

Other esteemed winners include Swaarm, Intelligence, Airship, CleverTap, Adapty, Adjust, ConsultMyApp, Phiture, Kurve, and many more. Each winner made significant contributions and showcased outstanding strategies that have propelled them to the forefront of the mobile app ecosystem.

This event celebrated not only individual achievements but also the collective brilliance and innovation within the industry. Congratulations are extended to all entrants, finalists, judges, and winners for their exceptional success and invaluable contributions to the dynamic world of mobile applications. The App Growth Awards served as a testament to the industry's continuous evolution and the remarkable talent shaping its future.

Source: adapted from an article by Business of Apps.

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