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Zynga Celebrates Halloween with In-Game Events Across 17 Titles

Zynga, the gaming giant, is marking the Halloween season with a series of in-game activations across its portfolio of games. Over the month, Zynga will host limited-time Halloween events in seventeen of its games, employing a staggered release schedule. The earliest event, "Empires and Puzzles’ Return to Morlovia," began on September 25 and will run until November 6, offering a seasonal quest and daily rewards. The game is also introducing three new Morlovian heroes as part of the event. Additionally, three games in the FarmVille franchise, Game of Thrones Slots Casino, and Zynga's latest release, Top Troops, are all hosting Halloween events to celebrate the occasion.

Zynga's Halloween-themed in-game activations add a festive touch to a wide range of games, providing players with unique seasonal content and experiences.

Here’s that full list of Zynga games getting the Halloween treatment this year:

Dragon City - Fallen Guild (October 26 - November 9)

Take part in a new heroic race to unlock the High Nacrea Dragon, as well as her exclusive skin and other rewards.

Empire and Puzzles - Return to Morlovia (September 25 - November 2)

Conquer stages and face off against familiar fiends to earn rewards alongside three new Morlovia Heroes, and collect free rewards every day until November 6 by checking the Halloween Offers Calendar.

Farmville 2: Country Escape - Circus of Nightmares (October 25 - November 5)

Visit the Circus of Nightmares an experience all the thrills, chills, tricks, and treats it has to offer, and grow your farm by earning special rewards.

Farmville 2: Tropic Escape - Monkey Temple Halloween Party (October 12 - 24)

Take part in a halloween party to scare away negative forces and earn the blessing of the Monkey Temple’s gods.

Farmville 3 - Spooktacular Trick-or-Treat Stand (October 4 - November 1)

Collect points and win rewards by putting on your costume and playing tricks on others, while helping kids visiting the trick-or-treat stand.

Game of Thrones Slots Casino - Shadowbinder Shadow Assassin Special Quest (October 31 - November 1)

Complete tasks and challenges to earn rewards as you help Melisandre and King Stannis with their nefarious plots.

Golf Rival - Halloween Challenge (October 27 - November 12)

Test your skills on the new Skull Cove course and take part in four spooky in-game events: Skull Island Cove, Skull Island Tournament, Trick or Treat, and Ace Open.

Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells - Halloween at Hogwarts and Dark Arts Event (October 2 - November 1)

Team up with Nearly Headless Nick on new daily and seasonal tasks in the Halloween at Hogwarts event, and team up with Lucis Malfoy to collect spiders in the Dark Arts Bonanza from October 28.

Hit It Rich! - SlotVentures: Booo!Levard and Quest for the Chest: Halloween (October 25 - November 6)

Aim for the jackpot on the SlotVentures Boo!Levard and team up to collect keys in Quest for the Chest: Halloween.

Merge Dragons: Phantom Gathering (October 20 - 23)

Unearth the mysteries of a new, haunted realm as you merge your way to exclusive rewards, and maximise your event points to unlock a spooky new dragon.

Monster Legends: It’s Monster Season! (October 13 - November 10)

Team up with the stars of Monster Legends through a special halloween saga, which involves a resurrected Flip Challenge and a new Tales Challenge.

Top Eleven - Be a Football Manager: Nightmare Road Event (October 22 - November 2)

Top Eleven’s footballing world has been plunged into darkness, and the only escape is down the Nightmare Road, with themed cosmetic items available and a new game mode.

Top Troops: It’s Top Troops’ First-Ever Halloween! (October 31)

Party with witches, werewolves, and orcs in Top Troops’ in-game Halloween party, hosted by the king.

Two Dots: A Spooky Month in Two Dots (October 1 - 31)

Throughout October, Two Dots will feature new levels, treasure hunts, and an otherworldly Flip. All players taking part in the event will receive special collectible postcards and a brand new Batty Badge.

Wizard of Oz Slots: Wizard of Oz Challenges (Haunted Forest Theme) (October 25 - 29)

Throughout the five day event, players can complete challenges to make their way through Oz’s infamous haunted forest, with the hance to play the final bonus wheel for extra treats.

Words With Friends: Halloween Events (October 1 - 31)

Throughout the month of October, Words With Friends is hosting three different Halloween events throughout the month: the Spirit Festival, a weekly challenge with a Zombie Hand up for grabs, and a new solo challenge.

Zynga Poker: Monster Hand (October 18 - November 23)

Play cash games, complete challenges, and earn tokens to add a new watch to your collection.

Source: Lewis Rees, Staff Writer for

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