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 Acquire High Quality Users at Scale. 

Revolutionary AI Platform for
obile Games Marketing

AI Algorithm

How does it work?


Data Utilization

We analyze app usage data and users' behavior to understand their gaming preferences and playtime.

With advanced algorithms, we create detailed user profiles based on their gaming behavior and demographic data.

Game Recommendations

We analyze user preferences to deliver personalized game recommendations that match each user's preferences.
Our algorithm identifies games that align with each user's specific interests and gaming history, enhancing their overall gaming experience.


Reward Algorithm

Playing your game earns users points based on gameplay duration, fostering progression. Points can be exchanged for gift cards and vouchers, rewarding loyalty.

This Loyalty Program maximizes retention and engagement, fostering a dedicated fan base for immersive experiences.

How it works

Gamelight's ROAS Algorithm

Our ROAS Algorithm analyzes users' app usage, vertical, engagement, competitor game usage & demographics data to identify users with the highest likeliness of making a purchase on your game.

We have exclusive access to the said data points, which puts us in a clear advantage over other UA sources, that are simply connected to 3rd party apps.

Age & Gender Targeting

Reach the right demographics that is relevant for your game

Vertical Targeting

Acquire users that enjoy games from the same vertical as your game 

Competitor Game Targeting

Target users that play your competitors' games based on app ids 

Lookalike Targeting

Create Audiences & acquire users that are similar to your paying users

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