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Gamelight Surpasses Expectations: Achieves 246% D30 ROAS for Stillfront Group

In a recent collaboration between Gamelight and Stillfront Group, the casual game 'Sunshine Island' received a significant promotional boost across key markets including the UK, South Korea, Japan, and Germany. Utilizing Gamelight's platform and user-base, the campaign aimed to achieve D30 ROAS growth objectives.

Through strategic implementation of AI targeting for optimization, hosting 18 varied in-game events, deploying a long-term event postback window, and utilizing real-time data feedback loops, the campaign surpassed expectations. Gamelight's platform overdelivered D30 ROAS goals in the UK, DE, KR, JP by an impressive 200% or more.

This case study highlights Gamelight's capacity to effectively engage with target audiences, exceeding performance expectations. The campaign achieved a remarkable 246% ROAS outperformance on Android and 223% ROAS outperformance on iOS.

To delve deeper into the details, explore the full case study HERE.

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