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Shining bright

Gamelight – a Germany-based AI-powered mobile UA platform is delighted to have been shortlisted for 4 awards at this year’s Global Digital Excellence Awards.  The company became a finalist in 4 nominations this year:

  • ROI Campaign of the Year

  • Best Use of Data

  • Best Platform/Technology/Tool

  • Software Innovation Award.

Recently Gamelight won 3 Platinum dottComm Awards, including the Best AI Tool and a Digiday Technology Award for the Best Mobile Marketing Platform. Other nominees were: AppsFlyer, Liftoff, PLAYSTUDIOS, AdTheorent, Adjust. This blog post provides a closer look at the platform and its revolutionary AI Algorithm.


Gamelight is a Germany-based company that provides UA services for mobile games utilizing their revolutionary AI Algorithm.Gamelight has rapidly established itself as a major player in the global mobile marketing landscape. By leveraging its extensive user base across multiple self-published game recommendation platforms, Gamelight consistently delivers high-quality users to mobile game publishers worldwide, now with the help of its revolutionary AI algorithm.    

Günay Aliyeva, Gamelights co-founder, says: We at Gamelight are absolutely thrilled to have been nominated with 4 categories by the GDEA for our AI Platform for Mobile Games Marketing. Our revolutionary AI-powered UA Platform has redefined the way mobile marketing campaigns are planned and executed. By leveraging advanced algorithms and analyzing vast amounts of data, we are able to enhance user satisfaction, encourage longer play sessions, and drive monetization within partner games. Being pioneers in this field fills us with great pride.


Gamelight engages with a user base consisting entirely of direct gaming users who share their app usage data through the innovative game recommendation platform. After this, Gamelight’s unique ROAS algorithm carefully analyzes various data points, including demographics, app usage, device information, and engagement and retention data. This comprehensive understanding of gaming preferences allows the platform to create personalized user profiles.

By tailoring the recommendations to match each individual’s interests and gaming history, Gamelight enhances their overall gaming experience. This personalized approach optimizes user satisfaction, prolongs play sessions, and maximizes monetization opportunities within partner games.

Florian Elmies, Gamelights co-founder, adds: We have dedicated significant time and resources to develop a platform that utilizes the power of AI, designed to optimize partner quality and drive exceptional results. It’s truly amazing to see how AI is revolutionizing the mobile marketing industry, and we are grateful to be leading this change. The GDEA’s recognition of our innovative platform further validates our efforts and inspires us to push the boundaries of what is possible in mobile marketing.

Gamelight is excited to continue pushing the boundaries of AI-driven mobile marketing and looks forward to delivering even greater value to its clients in the future.

To discover more about Gamelight, visit their website and follow them on LinkedIn. 

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