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Navigating the Next Wave: Singular's Integration with Android's Privacy Sandbox

In a significant move towards enhanced privacy and user-centric targeting, Singular has announced the live beta launch of its integration with Protected Audiences in Privacy Sandbox for Android. The integration, currently undergoing real-world testing with multiple partners, aims to provide a seamless experience for marketers and ad networks while prioritizing user privacy.

What is Protected Audiences?

Originally known as FLEDGE, Protected Audiences is a privacy-safe, on-device method for advertisers to create groups of people for targeted ad delivery. The on-device approach aligns with the evolving privacy landscape, ensuring that audience information is stored privately on individual devices.

How Does It Work?

Under Privacy Sandbox, audience information is stored on-device, allowing the Privacy Sandbox code to take notes about user interactions within various apps. Singular's implementation, known as the Protected Audience API on Android, includes the Custom Audience API and the Ad Selection API. Ad tech platforms and advertisers can leverage these APIs to serve customized ads based on previous app engagement, limiting the sharing of identifiers across apps and user interaction information with third parties.

Singular's Role in the Ecosystem:

Singular's implementation focuses on empowering Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) and ad networks to excel in their respective roles:

- Ad networks create and manage audiences.

- MMPs handle app events and audience management.

- Ad networks handle ads and bidding processes.

Crucially, this process occurs on-device, ensuring that user identities and activities remain protected. Singular does not have access to on-device data detailing a user's audience memberships, maintaining a robust privacy framework.

Strategic Goals and Progress:

Singular's integration aims to prepare its customers for a future where Privacy Sandbox is fully implemented, and GAIDs (Google Advertising IDs) may become scarce or nonexistent. The company has completed internal end-to-end testing, and the integration is currently in beta, undergoing real-world testing with partner collaborations.

Key Insights from the Report:

- Android witnesses a continual increase in ad spend share, while iOS experiences a record-high average Cost Per Install (CPI).

- Despite a high CPI, Japan remains a crucial market for advertisers on iOS.

- The United States maintains dominance in ad spend share on both Android and iOS platforms.

- Ad networks like Applovin, Mintegral, and Google Ads engage in a competitive battle for top positions in various ad network rankings.

Singular's move aligns with the broader industry trend towards heightened privacy and user-centric advertising, emphasizing a commitment to making the transition from hyper to hybrid in 2024 as smooth as possible. As the industry evolves, Singular's integration serves as a strategic step forward in navigating the evolving landscape of mobile marketing analytics and audience targeting.

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