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Implementing SKADNetwork: A Step-by-Step Guide for App Marketers

With the introduction of Apple's SKAdNetwork (SKAN) as the new app attribution solution for iOS, app marketers need to understand the implementation process to ensure accurate measurement and attribution of their ad campaigns.

Follow this step-by-step guide to successfully implement SKAN in your app marketing strategy:

Update to the Latest SDK:

Ensure that your app's SDK is updated to the latest version that supports SKAN. This may require working with your development team or SDK provider to integrate the necessary changes.

Register Your App with SKAN:

Register your app with SKAN by adding the appropriate code snippet to your app's source code. This code allows SKAN to validate your app's eligibility for attribution and associate it with your developer account.

Obtain the Ad Network IDs:

Contact your ad network partners and request their SKAN-compatible ad network IDs. These IDs are necessary for tracking and attributing conversions back to specific ad campaigns.

Map Conversion Values:

Identify the key in-app events or actions that you want to track as conversion events. Assign conversion values to each event based on their significance or value to your app's goals. Examples of conversion values could be a purchase amount, level completion, or registration.

Implement Conversion Value Mapping:

Map the conversion values in your app's code to the corresponding SKAN conversion values. This mapping enables SKAN to attribute conversions accurately and provide aggregated data for campaign optimization.

Update Ad Campaigns:

Work closely with your ad network partners to update your ad campaigns with SKAN-compatible settings. Ensure that the necessary conversion value parameter is passed along with the ad campaign data to enable proper attribution.

Test and Validate SKAN Implementation:

Perform thorough testing to validate the SKAN implementation in your app. Test different scenarios, including ad interactions, installs, and post-install events, to ensure accurate attribution and data transmission.

Monitor SKAN Performance:

Once the SKAN implementation is live, closely monitor the performance of your ad campaigns using the aggregated data provided by SKAN. Analyze the data to measure the effectiveness of different campaigns, conversion events, and conversion values.

Iterate and Optimize:

Continuously iterate and optimize your ad campaigns based on the insights gained from SKAN data. Adjust your targeting, creative messaging, and conversion value strategies to improve campaign performance and maximize your return on investment.

Stay Updated with SKAN Guidelines:

Apple may release updates and guidelines related to SKAN. Stay informed and ensure that your app complies with the latest requirements and best practices for attribution on iOS.

Remember, SKAN implementation requires collaboration with ad network partners, ongoing monitoring, and adjustments to your app marketing strategies. By following this step-by-step guide and staying informed about the evolving SKAN ecosystem, you can effectively leverage SKADNetwork for accurate attribution and measurement of your iOS app campaigns.

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