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SKADNetwork: Addressing Challenges in App Marketing Attribution

App marketing attribution plays a crucial role in understanding the effectiveness of user acquisition campaigns and optimizing marketing strategies. Apple's introduction of SKAdNetwork (SKAN) has brought about significant changes to app marketing attribution. In this article, we will discuss app marketers' challenges in attribution due to SKADNetwork and how to address them effectively.

  • Limited Attribution Data:

One of the primary challenges with SKADNetwork is the limited attribution data available compared to traditional measurement methods. SKAN provides aggregated rather than granular user-level data, making it challenging to attribute specific actions or events to individual users. To address this challenge, marketers need to analyze aggregated data, such as install volumes and post-install events associated with conversion values, to gain insights into campaign performance and user behavior.

  • Optimizing Conversion Value Strategy:

Conversion values are crucial for effective attribution with SKADNetwork. However, defining and optimizing conversion value strategy can be complex. Marketers need to identify key in-app events that represent user engagement and monetization potential. They should strategically allocate and optimize conversion values to accurately measure and attribute these events. Experimentation, analysis of user behavior, and collaboration with mobile measurement partners (MMPs) can help refine the conversion value strategy.

  • Cross-Channel Measurement and Attribution:

With SKADNetwork, cross-channel measurement, and attribution become more challenging due to limited data availability. Marketers must adopt a holistic approach and leverage MMPs to integrate data from multiple channels and platforms. By implementing proper tracking mechanisms and collaborating with MMPs, marketers can comprehensively view their cross-channel marketing efforts and attribute user actions across various touchpoints.

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