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Impact of SKAN on Mobile Game UA Campaigns

Mobile game user acquisition campaigns play a crucial role in driving the growth and success of mobile game apps. With Apple's introduction of SKAdNetwork (SKAN), the landscape of user acquisition has experienced significant changes. In this article, we will explore the impact of SKAdNetwork on mobile game user acquisition campaigns and how game developers can adapt their strategies to thrive in this new environment.

  • Changes in Attribution and Measurement

SKAdNetwork introduces a privacy-centric attribution model that limits the sharing of user-level data. This shift has implications for mobile game user acquisition campaigns, as marketers can no longer rely on granular user-level attribution data provided by traditional measurement methods. Instead, they must adapt to working with aggregated attribution data and a more limited set of metrics.

  • Adjusting Campaign Optimization Strategies

With SKAdNetwork, optimizing user acquisition campaigns requires a different approach. Marketers must rely on aggregated data and key performance indicators (KPIs) provided through SKAN's postbacks. This means understanding and optimizing campaigns based on metrics such as install volume, click-through rates, and post-install events associated with conversion values. Adjusting optimization strategies to work with these new metrics is crucial for success.

  • Importance of Conversion Value Strategy

Conversion values play a pivotal role in SKAdNetwork attribution. Mobile game developers should identify key in-app events that signify user engagement and monetization potential, such as completing levels, making in-app purchases, or achieving milestones. Strategic allocation and optimization of conversion values allow marketers to measure and optimize for these events, enabling more effective user acquisition campaigns.

  • Collaboration with Ad Networks and MMPs

Ad networks and mobile measurement partners (MMPs) are vital in SKAN integration. Mobile game developers should collaborate with their partners to ensure compatibility, accurate data handling, and optimization. This collaboration helps navigate the changes brought about by SKAdNetwork and maximize the effectiveness of user acquisition campaigns.

  • Exploring Incrementality and Cohort Analysis

With the limitations on granular user-level data, marketers can leverage incrementality and cohort analysis techniques to measure the true impact of user acquisition campaigns. Marketers can gain insights into the incremental value generated by their marketing efforts by comparing the behavior and performance of users exposed to the campaigns with a control group.

  • Creative and Targeting Optimization

Without user-level data, creative and targeting optimization become more critical in mobile game user acquisition campaigns. Marketers should create compelling ad creatives that resonate with their target audience. They should also refine targeting strategies based on the performance and behavior of aggregated user cohorts to maximize campaign effectiveness.

  • Monitoring Industry Updates and Best Practices

As the mobile app ecosystem evolves, staying informed about industry updates, best practices, and guidelines related to SKAdNetwork is crucial. Mobile game developers should actively engage with industry communities, participate in discussions, and follow updates from Apple to ensure they are up to date with the latest advancements.

SKAdNetwork has profoundly impacted mobile game user acquisition campaigns, requiring marketers to adapt their strategies to the privacy-centric attribution model. By adjusting campaign optimization strategies, implementing a robust conversion value strategy, collaborating with ad networks and MMPs, leveraging incrementality analysis, optimizing creatives and targeting, and staying informed about industry updates, mobile game developers can navigate the changes and continue driving successful user acquisition campaigns in the SKAN era.

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