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The Transition to SKAdNetwork 4.0: Building Your Conversion Value Models

As the mobile advertising landscape continues to evolve, marketers are faced with the challenge of adapting to new industry standards and regulations. One such evolution is the transition to SKAdNetwork 4.0 (SKAN 4), which introduces changes to the way post-install conversion data is tracked and reported. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the strategic considerations and implementation steps involved in building your conversion value models for SKAN 4.

1. Understanding Conversion Value Models:

Conversion value models form the backbone of SKAdNetwork, providing crucial insights into user behavior and campaign performance. When transitioning to SKAN 4, it's essential to decide on the data points you need from each of the four possible postbacks:

- Fine and Coarse Conversion Values: Aligning these values ensures compatibility and coherence in your post-install conversion data.

- Deep-Funnel Events: Events occurring between Days 2 and 35, or high-value conversions, offer critical insights into user engagement and


- Revenue: Tracking revenue generated from in-app purchases or other monetization channels.

- Engagement: Measuring user interactions such as session duration, app opens, or feature usage.

- Funnel: Analyzing user progression through key stages of the conversion funnel.

- Mixed Models: Combining multiple data points to create a comprehensive understanding of user behavior and campaign effectiveness.

2. Testing and Iteration:

It's important to recognize that achieving the perfect conversion value model may require experimentation and iteration. Mobile experts often do not expect to get it right immediately, and that's okay. Start with what seems right for your app or game, and be prepared to iterate and refine your models over time. Singular's platform offers easy model migrations, allowing you to update your conversion value models seamlessly as needed.

3. Overcoming Challenges in Model Migration:

Historically, model migration has been a challenging aspect of SKAdNetwork implementation. Transitioning to a new model can result in data gaps as the old model ages out and the new one phases in. However, with SKAN 4, this challenge is exacerbated by the longer postback time periods and random delays. Marketers may find themselves waiting weeks or even months for data to become present and clean for the new model.

4. Transition Mode:

To address the challenges of transitioning to SKAN 4, Singular has introduced "transition mode" to its platform. Transition mode allows marketers to gradually migrate to SKAN 4 while minimizing disruptions to their campaign tracking and optimization efforts. In transition mode 1, marketers can start receiving SKAN 4 postbacks without coarse values or deep-funnel events. In transition mode 2, both SKAN 3 and SKAN 4 will work concurrently, but SKAN 4 conversions for the first postback period will be limited to 24 hours using conversion locking.


As the mobile advertising ecosystem evolves, marketers must adapt to new technologies and industry standards to remain competitive. Transitioning to SKAdNetwork 4.0 represents a significant milestone in this evolution, offering both opportunities and challenges for mobile marketers. By carefully building and refining conversion value models, leveraging testing and iteration, and navigating the complexities of model migration with tools like Singular's transition mode, marketers can successfully navigate the transition to SKAN 4 and continue driving success in their mobile advertising campaigns.

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