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Gamelight's Remarkable Ascent: Leading the Midcore Gaming in North America According to AF Index

The 16th edition of AppsFlyer's Performance Index offers publishers establish strategic partnerships for mobile marketing. In the Index, a remarkable startup titled Gamelight outperforms opponents in a variety of categories.

Capturing players' interest is a constant issue in the rapidly increasing realm of mobile gaming. Recognizing the complexity of the last three years in mobile app marketing, AppsFlyer seeks to guide by demonstrating high-performing platforms for strategic collaborations. The Index, which examines 11.5 billion installs, highlights Gamelight's major influence on the mobile game marketing industry.

Established in 2022, Gamelight is an AI-driven platform that has undergone substantial growth in recognition. The platform is ranked highly both in terms of power and volume in the Midcore gaming vertical for the North America region by the AF Index. Gamelight's remarkable achievement places it right after industry giants like Google Ads and Meta, outperforming other strong competitors such as Unity, ironSource, and Tiktok.

“We have grown massively in the last months, which is not even reflected on the Index yet. Our current scale and quality are huge.” - Günay Aliyeva, Co-founder of Gamelight, express.

Uncovering Gamelight's Success

Gamelight's innovative AI algorithm, which revolutionized mobile game marketing, is the reason behind its success. This algorithm identifies users who are predicted to enjoy games from Gamelight's partners by closely examining their behavior and demographic information. Gamelight continuously surpasses Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) goals by expertly optimizing partner ads with cutting-edge machine learning.

Gamelight incorporates demographic information, such as age, gender, and geography, into its study for greater comprehension. This in-depth knowledge of gaming tastes enables the platform to develop unique user profiles.

In addition, the platform excels at identifying player behavior patterns. Gamelight's algorithms are able to improve user experiences and lengthen play periods because of this insightful information, which also increases user engagement and loyalty.

The Future Potential of the Platform

Gamelight's platform has already received appreciation; it was named "Best AI Tool" at the prestigious dottCom awards. Two Platinum dotComm awards have also been given to the platform, one for its exceptional Data Gathering and Implementation Campaign and another for its outstanding Digital Advertising Campaign.

In addition, Gamelight was honored to receive the prestigious Digiday Technology Award in the very competitive Best Mobile Marketing Platform category. With this win, Gamelight was able to establish itself as a major player in the mobile marketing industry by surpassing such tough rivals as AppsFlyer, Liftoff, PLAYSTUDIOS, AdTheorent, and Adjust.

Co-Founder Florian sheds light on Gamelight's future aspirations, stating, "The upcoming projects that we are working on will revolutionize mobile advertising as a whole - making it more enjoyable for users and more lucrative for advertisers. I am talking about entirely new concepts that have not been seen before."

With its remarkable placements in AppsFlyer's 16th Performance Index, Gamelight is clearly the New AI Marketing Leader in the field of mobile app marketing. These successes highlight both Gamelight's current state and its bright future, establishing it as the number-one choice for mobile game publishers around the globe looking for the best user acquisition services available.

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