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Gamelight: Dominating Casual Gaming in North America per AF Index Rankings

The 16th edition of AppsFlyer's Performance Index is now available. intended for guiding publishers in selecting beneficial collaborations for mobile advertising. According to the Index, an intriguing newcomer is outperforming competitors in several categories: Gamelight.

Attracting players' attention is a constant issue in the ever expanding field of mobile gaming. AppsFlyer aims to assist by showcasing the top platforms for partnerships in light of the challenging past three years in mobile app marketing. The Index shows Gamelight's considerable influence in the mobile game marketing industry by analyzing 11.5 billion installs.

The AI-driven platform Gamelight was established in 2022 and has gained prominence significantly. According to the AF Index, the platform has a high power and volume ranking in the casual gaming vertical for the North American region. This outstanding success puts Gamelight ahead of larger competitors like Amazon Advertising, TikTok, and Snapchat and establishes it as a leader in close proximity to giants like Meta, Google Ads, and Unity.

“We have grown massively in the last months, which is not even reflected on the Index yet. Our current scale and quality are huge.” - Günay Aliyeva, Co-founder of Gamelight, express.

The Key Facts of Gamelight's Triumph

The crucial component to Gamelight's success is its revolutionary AI algorithm, which changed mobile game marketing. This algorithm determines consumers who are most likely to engage with the games that Gamelight's partners deliver by carefully examining user behavior and demographic information. Gamelight is able to surpass ROAS targets and optimize partner campaigns by utilizing cutting-edge machine learning techniques.

Gamelight incorporates demographic information, such as age, gender, and location, into the analysis to expand the insight. The platform can develop customized user profiles because to its detailed investigation into gamers' preferences.

The software additionally accomplishes a great job at spotting player behavior trends. Gamelight's algorithms are driven by the valuable insight, which improves user engagement and retention and encourages longer play sessions.

The Platform's Future

Gamelight's platform has previously gained attention, including "Best AI Tool" at the prestigious dottCom awards. Additionally, they were honored with two Platinum dotComm awards: one for their exceptional Data Gathering and Implementation Campaign and another for their outstanding Digital Advertising Campaign

Apart from that, Gamelight recently defeated tough competitors including AppsFlyer, Liftoff, PLAYSTUDIOS, AdTheorent, and Adjust to win the coveted Digiday Technology Award in the very competitive category of Best Mobile Marketing Platform. This success solidifies Gamelight's position as a dominant player in the mobile marketing industry.

The Co-Founder Florian replies about the future of Gamelight: ”The upcoming projects that we are working on will revolutionize mobile advertising as a whole - making it more fun for users & more lucrative for advertisers. I am talking about completely new things that have not been seen before.”

Gamelight is undeniably the New AI Marketing Leader in mobile app marketing because of its strong ranks in Appsflyer's 16th Performance Index. These accomplishments demonstrate Gamelight's present standing and portend its bright future as a top option for mobile game creators looking for the best user acquisition services available worldwide.

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