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Understanding SKADNetwork Conversion Value: Best Practices and Strategies

SKAdNetwork (SKAN) introduced the concept of conversion value, a parameter that allows app developers to attribute and optimize for specific in-app events. Conversion value is a crucial element of SKAN implementation, as it enables more granular measurement and optimization of campaign performance. In this article, we will explore best practices and strategies for understanding and utilizing SKAN conversion value effectively.

What is Conversion Value?

Conversion value is a 6-bit parameter passed in the SKAdNetwork postback that represents different in-app events or user actions. It allows app developers to track and optimize for specific actions performed within the app, such as purchases, level completions, or any other significant events that define user engagement and success.

Best Practices for Setting Conversion Values
  • Identify Key Events: Determine the in-app events that are most indicative of user engagement and success within your app. These could be actions such as making a purchase, completing a tutorial, reaching a certain level, or any other significant milestone.

  • Assign Value Hierarchy: Assign conversion values to the identified events based on their importance and impact on user behavior. Higher conversion values should be assigned to more valuable events that signify strong user engagement or monetization potential.

  • Strategic Allocation: Consider the available 6-bit space for conversion values and allocate them strategically to cover the most important events. Ensure that conversion values accurately reflect the significance of each event for campaign optimization.

Strategies for Conversion Value Optimization
  • Data-Driven Evaluation: Analyze the performance and behavior of users associated with different conversion values. Evaluate user quality, engagement, retention, and monetization metrics for each conversion value to identify which values drive the most valuable users.

  • Iterative Testing: Experiment with different conversion value allocations and monitor their impact on campaign performance. Test variations to refine your conversion value strategy and optimize for the desired outcomes.

  • Dynamic Value Updating: Explore the possibility of dynamically updating conversion values based on user behavior and events occurring within the app. For example, you can update the conversion value after users reach a specific milestone or perform a particular action.

Considerations for Conversion Value Implementation
  • Consistency and Persistence: Ensure that the assigned conversion values remain consistent for a specific user throughout their journey within the app. This consistency helps in accurate attribution and optimization.

  • Privacy Considerations: While conversion values offer more granular tracking, ensure that they do not violate user privacy or collect personally identifiable information (PII). Adhere to privacy regulations and maintain user anonymity in the attribution process.

  • Communication with Ad Networks and MMPs: Coordinate with your ad networks and mobile measurement partners (MMPs) to ensure they support and correctly handle conversion values in their attribution systems. Collaborate to ensure accurate data sharing and optimization.

Monitoring and Analysis
  • Postback Analysis: Analyze the postbacks received from SKAdNetwork to track the attribution of installs and in-app events associated with different conversion values. Measure the performance of campaigns based on attributed events and optimize accordingly.

  • Cohort Analysis: Conduct cohort analysis to evaluate users' behavior, engagement, and monetization patterns associated with specific conversion values. Identify trends and insights that can inform future campaign optimization and user acquisition strategies.

Understanding and leveraging SKAN conversion value is essential for app developers to measure and optimize campaign performance effectively. By following best practices for setting conversion values, optimizing their allocation, and monitoring the associated data, you can gain valuable insights into user engagement and success. Continuously iterate and refine your conversion value strategy based on data analysis to drive optimal results from your app marketing efforts.

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