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What is a Mobile Advertising Network and How does it work?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

A mobile advertising network is a platform that connects mobile app publishers with advertisers to monetize their apps through in-app advertisements. In the mobile gaming industry, mobile advertising networks play an important role in helping game developers generate revenue from their games.

Advertisers use these networks to reach a large audience of mobile gamers through various types of ads, such as interstitial, banner, rewarded video, and native ads. On the other hand, game developers integrate the network's SDK into their games to serve ads and earn money.

These networks offer various tools and features to help game developers optimize their ad revenue, such as ad placement and targeting options, real-time reporting, and data analytics.

Mobile advertising networks work in a practical sense by connecting advertisers and game developers. Here's the process in a nutshell:

  1. Game Developer Integrates the Network's SDK: The game developer integrates the mobile advertising network's software development kit (SDK) into their mobile game. The SDK allows the network to serve advertisements within the game.

  2. Advertisers Bid for Ad Placements: Advertisers sign up on the network and bid for ad placements within the game. The network acts as an intermediary and ensures that the ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time.

  3. Advertisements are Served: The network's algorithm selects the winning bid and serves the advertisement to the game. The ads can be in different formats, such as interstitial, banner, rewarded video, and native ads.

  4. Users Interact with the Ad: Mobile users who play the game are presented with the ad. They can choose to interact with the ad, such as by clicking on it or watching a video, which earns the game developer revenue.

  5. Revenue is Shared: The revenue generated from the ad is shared between the game developer and the mobile advertising network. The game developer receives a percentage of the revenue, while the network takes a commission for providing the service.

In this way, mobile advertising networks provide a solution for game developers to monetize their games and for advertisers to reach a large audience of mobile users.

Mobile advertising networks are important for several reasons:

  • Monetization Mobile advertising networks provide a solution for game developers to monetize their games and generate revenue from their app.

  • Reach Advertisers can reach a large and targeted audience of mobile users through the network, allowing them to effectively promote their products or services.

  • Ad Variety Mobile advertising networks offer various ad formats, such as interstitial, banner, rewarded video, and native ads, giving advertisers the ability to choose the right format for their target audience and objectives.

  • Data Insights The network provides data insights and analytics to help game developers optimize their ad revenue and understand the performance of their ad campaigns.

  • Ease of Use Integrating the network's SDK into a mobile game is relatively straightforward, making it easy for game developers to start earning revenue from their app.

In summary, mobile advertising networks play a crucial role in the mobile gaming industry by connecting advertisers and game developers and providing a platform for monetization, reach, ad variety, data insights, and ease of use.

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