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Key Metrics to Track and Analyze with SKADNetwork

When utilizing Apple's SKAdNetwork (SKAN) framework for app attribution, it's crucial to track and analyze specific metrics to gain valuable insights into campaign performance and optimize user acquisition strategies. Here are key metrics to track and analyze with SKAN

  • Install Validation

Track the number of installs validated by SKAN to understand the effectiveness of your app marketing campaigns. This metric provides an accurate count of app installations attributed to specific advertising sources.

  • Conversion Value Updates

Monitor the frequency and distribution of conversion value updates. Conversion values indicate user engagement or conversion milestones within your app. Analyzing updates helps identify user behaviors and actions that contribute to campaign success and can guide your optimization efforts.

  • Post-Install Events

Identify and track important post-install events within your app, such as in-app purchases, registrations, or level completions. Analyzing post-install events gives you insights into user engagement and monetization, enabling you to optimize your campaigns and focus on driving valuable actions.

  • Revenue Attribution

If your app includes in-app purchases or generates revenue through other means, track revenue attribution using SKAN. This metric allows you to measure the revenue generated from specific advertising sources and optimize your user acquisition strategies accordingly.

  • Attribution Timing

Analyze the time it takes for SKAN to attribute an install to a specific advertising source. Understanding the attribution timing helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and assess any delays or discrepancies that may impact optimization efforts.

  • Ad Network Performance

Collaborate closely with ad networks that support SKAN integration and track the performance of different ad networks. Measure metrics such as install validation rates, conversion value updates, and post-install event completion rates for each ad network. This analysis helps you identify the most effective ad networks and allocate your advertising budget wisely.

  • Cohort Analysis

Leverage SKAN's aggregated data to perform cohort analysis. Group users based on common characteristics, such as installation dates or conversion values, and analyze their behavior and engagement over time. Cohort analysis helps you understand user retention, engagement patterns, and the long-term value of users acquired through different advertising sources.

  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Calculate the ROAS for your SKAN attributed installs. Measure the revenue generated from attributed installs against the advertising costs associated with acquiring those users. ROAS analysis helps you evaluate the profitability and effectiveness of your campaigns, enabling you to optimize your advertising spend.

  • Comparison with Pre-SKAN Attribution

If you were using a different attribution framework before implementing SKAN, compare the results to assess any discrepancies or differences in attribution. This analysis helps you understand the impact of SKAN on your app attribution and adapt your strategies accordingly.

  • Iterative Optimization

Continuously analyze SKAN data and iterate on your marketing strategies. Identify trends, patterns, and correlations among metrics to make data-driven decisions. Adjust your targeting, creative assets, ad placements, and overall campaign strategies based on the insights gained from SKAN data analysis.

By tracking and analyzing these key metrics with SKAN, you can gain valuable insights into your app marketing campaigns, optimize your user acquisition efforts, and maximize the return on your advertising investment.

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