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How Simulation Games Engage and Retain Players: Exploring the Advantages and Target Audience

Simulation games have become a popular genre in the mobile gaming industry, providing players with a virtual environment to experience different scenarios and challenges. As an app marketing manager, it's essential to understand the advantages, target audience, and unique points of this game vertical to create successful user acquisition campaigns.

What are Simulation Games?

Simulation games are video games that simulate real-world activities or tasks, often featuring tasks such as running a business, managing a farm, or controlling a city. The player takes on the role of a character, making decisions and engaging with the game world to progress and achieve goals.

Simulation games offer several advantages, such as:

Engagement: Simulation games provide immersive experiences that keep players engaged for extended periods.

Retention: The nature of the gameplay encourages players to keep playing and come back to the game for more.

ARPU: The in-app purchases and ads featured in simulation games are popular with players, contributing to higher average revenue per user.

UA Campaigns: Simulation games' broad audience allows for targeted user acquisition campaigns to attract players interested in specific simulation genres.

Target Audience

Simulation games are popular with players of all ages, but some of the more complex titles tend to attract older audiences who appreciate a more strategic experience. These games also appeal to players who want to learn more about certain industries, such as farming or aviation.

Unique Points and Difference Among Other Game Verticals

Simulation games are unique in that they provide players with experiences that other game genres may not offer. For example, management simulation games offer players the chance to run their own business or city, while flight simulator games allow players to take control of a virtual airplane. This level of detail and specificity sets simulation games apart from other game verticals.

Some popular simulation games on mobile devices include:

Farming Simulator 20

SimCity BuildIt

The Sims Mobile

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

Bus Simulator: Ultimate


Simulation games offer an engaging and immersive experience for players, providing them with unique challenges and opportunities to explore different scenarios. App marketers can take advantage of this game vertical's popularity by understanding the advantages, target audience, and unique points, and leveraging targeted user acquisition campaigns to attract players interested in specific genres.

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